Who We Are

We are a group of Rotarians  and returned Peace Corps Volunteers who are working together to build partnerships to create sustainable projects locally and around the world in order to promote peace.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve service and friendship locally and globally by helping Rotarians, current international service volunteers and returned international service volunteers of various countries, to work together on projects that are consistent with the goals of both Rotary and such organizations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring Rotary International and the United States Peace Corps closer together through a formal agreement that makes it easier for Rotarians, Peace Corps volunteers, and returned Peace Corps volunteers to meet and carry out Peace Corps’ Three Goals and Rotary’s Future Vision for humanitarian service.It is our hope that the formal agreement between Rotary International and the Peace Corps will serve as a model for additional agreements between Rotary International and international volunteer service agencies of other countries that have humanitarian service goals similar to those of the Peace Corps and Rotary. Click here to see the memorandum of understanding signed by Rotary and Peace Corps.

Our Board

Carl Dickerson

Rotary Club of Cantonment, Pensacola, Florida

Kim Dixon

RPCV Georgia (2014-2016); Rotary, Raleigh, NC

Helene Dudley

RPCV Colombia (1968-70), Albania/Slovakia (1997-99); Rotary Club of Coconut Grove, Florida

Charles Ross Feezer

RPCV Dominican Republic (1974 - 1975); Rotary Club of Casa Grande Daybreak, AZ

Harlan Green

RPCV Turkey (1964-1966); Rotary Club of Montecito, CA

Diane Hughes

RPCV; Rotary Club of Homer, Kachemak Bay, Alaska

Charlie Hunt

RPCV Vanuatu (2006 - 2008); Rotary Club of Denver Lodo, CO

Reggie O'Brien

RPCV Honduras (2009 -2011); Rotary Club of Vail, CO

Richard ``Dick`` Pyle

RPCV Jamaica (1966-1968), Training Director Puerto Rico (1969-1972), Country Director Eastern Caribbean (1990-1993); Rotary Club of Washington, D.C.

Mark Walker

RPCV Guatemala (1971-1973); Rotary Club of Scottsdale, AZ

Steve Werner

RPCV Korea (1976- 1978);Peace Corps Response Georgia (2016 - 2017); Rotary Club of Denver Southeast, CO

Mark Zober

RPCV Sierra Leone (1966 -1968); Peace Corps Country Director Mongolia (1995-1999); Rotary Club of Jerusalem, Israel

Our Goals

Partnering for Peace seeks to demonstrate the benefits of such formal alliances between Rotary International and various countries’ international volunteer service agencies by showing what can be done just at the District level.The group facilitates professional connections between Rotarians and members of the Peace Corps community through ongoing networking, technical support and fellowship. It seeks to implement this mission through a variety of efforts:

  1. An action program within the District which identifies the International projects of the various Rotary Clubs in this District.
  2. Identification of Peace Corps volunteers within the Countries where the Rotary projects are being conducted.
  3. Identification of Rotary Clubs in the countries where the Peace Corps operates.
  4. Connecting the in-country Rotary Club, the in-District Rotary Club and the in-country Peace Corps Volunteer.
  5. Identifying returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) who served in the county where the District or a Club is conducting a project, and connecting the RPCVs with the local Rotary Club to give the club benefit of the RPCVs’ experience and potentially have the RPCV help the local club.
  6. Participating in networking activities with out-bound PCVs, RPCVs, and their families in order to explain what Rotary can do for them in terms of serving mutual humanitarian goals.
  7. Achieving a formal agreement between the US Peace Corps and Rotary International, and eventually between international volunteer service agencies of other countries. This is a long term goal which seeks an ongoing interaction between Rotary and Peace Corps, and such other organizations.