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Save The Date for the 2nd Annual Rotary-Peace Corps Week

Save The Date for the 2nd Annual Rotary-Peace Corps Week


Mark your calendars now for September 19 - 23, 2022 when Partnering for Peace is sponsoring the second annual Rotary-Peace Corps Week.
This event encourages Rotary members and Peace Corps staff, volunteers, and returned volunteers to partner together in service. PFP is also organizing three virtual events: 1. An overview of the partnership; 2. Peacebuilding Panel and Webinar; 3. A social happy hour for PFP members and friends to discuss and talk about peacebuilding in a casual, networking environment. More information to come soon. 

The theme of 2022 Rotary-Peace Corps week is "Peacebuilding on the Ground"

This year's theme, Peacebuilding on the Ground, describes how the Rotary and Peace Corps projects build peace through funding and hands-on service. These projects meet people where they are to work with concerned communities to meet their needs. Promoting peace is important to both Rotary and Peace Corps and both organizations emphasize action, either through Peace Corps service abroad or by describing those within the Rotary community as "people of action." The theme, Peacebuilding on the Ground, naturally flowed from this.

Introducing Rotary-Peace Corps Week's Event Chair: Erica Brouillette

"I am involved with Partnering for Peace because I am passionate about its mission to join Rotary International and Peace Corps in partnership. Both organizations are mutually supportive in terms of missions, values, and emphasis on action through service. Whether it be to "promote world peace and friendship" through service or "world understanding and peace through Rotary," this Partnership promotes world understanding and friendship through peace. In a broad sense, we demonstrate peace through our interactions and positive actions through service. Rotary-Peace Corps Week brings this all together and unites both the Rotary and Peace Corps communities to achieve greater things for the people of the world." -Erica Brouillette, PFP Board Member and Events Chair