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Help represent Rotary - Peace Corps Partnership at your district conference

Help represent the Rotary - Peace Corps Partnership At Your District Conference

Many Rotarians are not familiar with the highly valued partnership between Rotary and Peace Corps.  They also don't know how to leverage it at the grassroots level.  A starting point is one on one conversations at our District Conferences.  As a member of PFP, we are asking if you will help with getting this done.

Here are the steps.

  • Check with your district conference chair to find out how to reserve a table.  If there is a cost that you'd like help with covering, let us know.
  • Team up with your local Peace Corps Recruiter.  They have been given the task to get in front of Rotarians where ever they can.  You can find out who is your local recruiter by going to and typing in your zip code.  If you hit any snags, check in with us.  We work with the PC Recruiting staff on a regular basis and one of our board members is a recruiter.
  • Any hand outs you need are in our toolbox at the bottom under resources.  There are also videos there that you can show too.  You can find them at
  • Staff the booth during district conference.  Collect names of clubs and district leaders that want presentations.  You may also meet other RPCV Rotarians; we want to meet them too, so get their names and email addresses.

We are ready to help if you have any questions.  Contact us at