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News from Moldova: New Mini-bus Kicking Distribution "Into Gear"


Thank you for your ongoing support as we purchase and distribute living essentials to Ukrainian refugees in Moldova. We are thrilled to now have 24/7 access to transportation for supplies and refugees, thanks to your donations. As the video below (0:34) shows, our purchase of a mini-bus, or rutiera is a game-changer:



The Friends of Moldova volunteers and our local partners (such as Balti-based NGO Zdorovii Gorod) have relied up to now on generous local drivers to volunteer personal and business vehicles to transport essential goods across northern Moldova. During hours when most are working or sleeping — the hours when most sources of supplies are open for business, and when refugees may need travel assistance — volunteers and their vehicles are in short supply.

€6,000 from our special bus fundraiser were used for this purchase. Local Moldovan NGO Zdorovii Gorod matched €3,300 Euros of their own funds (65,165.70 MDL) in a mutual investment.

Balti-based Zdorovii Gorod has dreamed of access to a bus for many years; in pre-war days, they would have used the bus to distribute essential goods to the most impoverished families and persons in their city and organize events for youth at risk. Now, instead of helping feed a few hundred people, the bus will allow our partners to help feed thousands of Ukrainian refugees.

Our local partners’ choice match our contributions in a significant purchase is a wonderful example of Moldovans’ willingness to welcome and invest in Ukrainian refugees as they rebuild their lives in the country long-term.

Not counting one-off needs like this bus, we spend roughly $30,000 per week meeting the needs of our Moldovan and Ukrainian partners. Your continued generosity lays the groundwork for the Ukrainians we meet every day to survive and succeed under heartbreaking circumstances. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.



The Friends of Moldova


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