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PFP Newsletters

March 2021
In this issue: 1. The Dominican Republic Rotary Club-Peace Corps Literacy Project; 2. Empowering Women and Girls to Combat Poverty and Hunger; 3. Save the Date! Rotary International & Peace Corps Week; 4. 60 Years of Service: Peace Corps through the Decades Story Slam; 5. The Future of Peace Corps in Guatemala

February 2021
In this issue: 1) Microloans in Sierra Leone  2) Free PFP Memberships 3) Member Meeting THIS SATURDAY 4) Interview with Director of "A Towering Task"

January 2021

In this issue: 1) The Power of the Pin; 2) Interview with Dr. Jody Olsen, Past Director of the U.S. Peace Corps; 3) Member Spotlight; and 4)Serve Virtually Through TCP Global.

December 2020

In this issue: 1) Partnership in Liberia 2) Connecting Rotary and ePCVs 3) Step-by-Step: Start a District Committee

August 2020

In this issue: 1) Behind-the-scenes: The process of Partnership 2) Experience of an ePCV 3) PC Director Jody Olsen speaks to Rotary eClub 4) Virtual International Service Opportunity

April 2020

In this issue: 1) How your can strengthen the partnership, 2) Partnership Spotlight: North Macedonia, 3) PFP nominated for Loret Ruppe Award

February 2020:

In this issue: 1) Partnership Spotlight: Dominican Republic, 2) Easy ways to get involved in PFP, 3) Member Spotlight: Harlan Greene

November 2019: 

In this issue: 1) Partnership Spotlight: RYLA Ukraine, 2) Behind the Scenes: The Founding of PFP, 3) A simple way to collaborate on the ground


P4P District Toolbox

The Partnering for Peace toolbox has all you need to promote the Rotary - Peace Corps Partnership in your district!  Click to view!