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Global Connections Television

Global Connections Television highlights Rotary-Peace Corps Partnership Interviews for Rotary-Peace Corps Week 2022

Check out a few of the top interviews related to the Rotary-Peace Corps Partnership below and see the full list of incredible interviews here!

Aaron S. Williams

Aaron S. Williams, an international development expert, former diplomat and 18th Director of the US Peace Corps under President Obama (2009-12), was possibly the first Peace Corps Director to hear about the necessity of a joint cooperative effort of the Peace Corps and Rotary International on his visit to University of California (UC) Santa Barbara on November 22, 2010, as he listened to UC students and Rotary members, who attended his reception and speech, tout that Rotary members could be ideal partners to support and carry on the grassroots work that Peace Corps Volunteers and the Peace Corps community are tasked to do in their countries of service. It wasn’t until 2015 that an MOU was signed between PC Director Carrie Hesseler Radelet and Rotary CEO and General Secretary John Hewko that formalized the relationship. Watch the interview here.

Carol Bellamy

Carol Bellamy, former Director of the US Peace Corps and past Executive Director of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), highlighted the importance of the US Peace Corps and UNICEF working to promote economic and social development and maternal and children’s programs and how the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals will assist in creating a better world. She provides a historic example of how Peace Corps and Rotary International can also cooperate in many ways between the Rotary community members and Peace Corps community members. Watch the full interview here. 

Carol Spahn and John Hewko


John Hewko, CEO and General Secretary of Rotary International, and Carol Spahn, Acting Director of the US Peace Corps, discuss a unique partnership that was fostered by the Partnering for Peace group. The emphasis is to bring Peace Corps Volunteers in over 60-countries, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and 1.2 million Rotarians to collaborate on humanitarian and development projects, as well as focus on Rotary and Peace Corps Peace Week 2021. Watch the full interview here.





Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones, who is currently serving as the first woman president of Rotary International, discusses key programs pertaining to diversity, peace, and the environment, and highlights the importance of partnerships, such as with the United Nations, US Peace Corps, the CDC and Partnering for Peace, especially on major programs such as Polioplus. Watch the full interview here.