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Peacebuilding on the Ground: History of Peace within Rotary & Peace Corps

19 Sep 2022
11:00am - 1:00pm EDT

This session provides background and current status on the theme for this week, Peacebuilding on the Ground, through a dynamic discussion to kick off our exciting week where you are sure to find inspiration for your own projects. 

Peter Kyle, former RI Director, will highlight key pieces of the history of peacebuilding within Rotary and Chic Dambach, RPCV and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, will highlight the same within Peace Corps history. They will compare and contrast the two organizations and turn the discussion to the present, including what they have been involved with recently.

They will hand off the discussion to Ana and Keevon to address how peace is present in their current work building peace on the ground. How do they see this in action today? What are their thoughts on this topic in general?

Ana Cutter Patel will speak to her 25 years of ongoing peacebuilding on the ground with Frontline Defenders, of being a  UN Representative for the Rotary Representative Network, service as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and Peace Fellow. Keevon Baten will speak about peacebuilding today from his experience with Rotary Youth Exchange and as a Peace Corps Volunteer and active Rotaractor. 

The four panelists will speak to the strategies/factors they see leading to peacebuilding today. Learn more about our panelists here.

19 Sep 2022
11:00am - 1:00pm EDT

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