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Rotary Club of Denver

  • Rotary and PCV Bringing Books To Botswana see more

    Two Peace Corps volunteers, Kip and Maureen Doran, took two years off from their professions as a psychiatrist and a nurse to see if they could help with the HIV/AIDS situation in Botswana, where there is a 25% infection rate in the adult population.  They ended up writing a book called Power Parents – Children and Sex. The book is designed to help parents, teachers, and counselors with strategies and techniques to reach young people about the threat and spread of HIV/AIDS.  The Ministry of Education recognized the value of the book and requested 1,000 copies for distribution to schools and libraries.  With the help of a $3,000 grant from the Denver Rotary World Community Service Committee (WCS) and other Rotary clubs in  the metro Denver areas, 750 books were shipped in November 2014.