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Rotary - Peace Corps Week

From Monday, September 20th through Sunday, September 26th, Rotary International and the US Peace Corps will host a collaborative week-long event to highlight an evolving and ongoing partnership based on mutually shared goals.

Celebration will include webinars on how to use the partnership agreement at the Rotary District and Rotary club levels.

For more information and ideas on how to create a program, please contact



Ideas on How to Participate

  • Invite a RPCV as a guest speaker to your club, and provide an overview of PFP.
  • Organize a peace conference with RPCVs, Rotarians, and other peace organizations.
  • Create a short video with RPCV interviews (e.g., 10 second snippets per interviewee), and talk about how Rotary helped them. 
  • Focus one day on clubs in host countries, or include that component each day.
  • Create an inspirational montage of Rotary and Peace Corps service images, at home and abroad. NO words. Just music and a punch line text at end. Maybe it is Rotary's call to WAGE PEACE.  Change the words and it changes people's minds who then think differently about assumptions.
  • Host a grant seminar with your Rotary Club for RPCVS in your District, connect them with PFP and talk about cooperation.  

Building Bridges to Maximize Our Impact - Join us!

4 June 2021

The first Rotary – Peace Corps Week is an opportunity for members of both organizations to collaborate, leverage their efforts and their resources, and co-create projects that will have an even greater impact.

During the week, you will hear a webinar featuring RI General Secretary John Hewko and Peace Corps Acting Director Carol Spahn speak about the history of collaboration and the existing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that exists between Rotary International and the US Peace Corps. The MOU has recently been renewed for the third time, and Partnering for Peace (PFP) continues to seek ways to build the partnership for greater collaboration. 

PFP is a grassroots effort led by individuals from the Peace Corps Community and Rotary Clubs around the world.  During the Rotary-Peace Corps week, you can hear from members of each organization about the confluence of their goals and missions, and the effectiveness of working together to do the important work each does around the globe.


How will this work?  

•    Every Rotary Club in the US and in countries where the Peace Corps serves is encouraged to dedicate a program during the week to the partnership with the Peace Corps.
•    Ideally the Rotary Club will invite someone from the Peace Corps community to attend a meeting and make a presentation about their personal experience.
•    Every member of the Peace Corps community is encouraged to make contact with Rotary Clubs in their area to learn more about the organization and see how partnering with a club might help in their work. This community includes current volunteers (PCVs), returned volunteers (RPCVs), recruiters, staff members, in-country staff where PC serves, and even family members of volunteers.


We all know that organizations don’t get things done – people do.  Let’s get as many Rotarians and Peace Corps community members together as we can during this week.  It will build good will and better friendships (a Rotary test) and go a long way in boosting the Peace Corps’ mission of promoting world peace and friendship.  Let’s not forget that a core goal for all of us is promoting Peace.  Only people can do that as well.  Let’s learn from each other how to do it better.

For more information and ideas on how to create a program, please contact