Supporting Evacuated Peace Corps Volunteers Project in Their Country of Service

Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV) during their service occasionally have reason to  raise funds to bring their in-country project to the next level.  During service PCVs can raise funds through the Peace Corps website.  That came to a full stop when all of the volunteers were evacuated due to COVID.  Some of the evacuated PCVs had the support in place to continue those projects and were interested in continuing.  The National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) has created that opportunity at their website.  Currently there are seven project needing financial support.  The countries with active projects are Moldova, Vanuatu, Columbia, two projects in Benin  and two projects in Albania.  

If you know of clubs or individuals who have connections to these countries, please encourage them to review the projects and consider offering financial support at the NPCA website

As the NPCA states at the donate webpage: In establishing the Peace Corps, JFK spoke of the “great common cause...of bringing to man that decent way of life which is the foundation of freedom and a condition of peace.” Today, people continue to be confronted by war, poverty, disease and a changing climate, and now when our own country is experiencing divisiveness, intolerance, and fear—that “great common cause” is more urgent than ever.  Support for NPCA and our partnered campaigns will deepen the Peace Corps communities' global impact by empowering members and groups to champion that “great common cause.” From advocacy for a bigger and better Peace Corps to supporting sustainable international development projects, we are building a better world dollar by dollar. Join us, and be a part of our community of changemakers.