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That's a wrap! Cheers to a Successful Rotary-Peace Corps Week 2022

That's a wrap! Cheers to a Successful Rotary-Peace Corps Week 2022

We had a great time celebrating Peace Building on the Ground with the second annual Rotary-Peace Corps Week in September. In order to understand how folks engaged in the week, so please share your feedback in this 3 - 5 minute form.

In addition to PFP members promoting the partnership through their Rotary, RPCV, and Peace Center connections, they hosted a 5-day virtual event filled with webinars, Q&As, and online discussions. 

On Monday, September 19 we had 74 participants join the kickoff event, History of Peace within Rotary and Peace Corps. Panelists included Peter Kyle, Charles Dambach, Ana Cutter Patel, and Keevon Baten. Check out the recording and discussion here.

We followed up the virtual session on peacebuilding with a social media discussion on Tuesday, asking folks what the theme “Peacebuilding on the Ground” means to them. For example, Jayesh shared “Peace through Service. Together we will create a peaceful world through Community Service. We are Rotary People of Action.” Take a look at all of the comments on PFP’s Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

On Wednesday, 42 people joined us in getting operational with a panel of partnership project leads who shared strategies for successful partnership projects. Panelists included Jane O’Sullivan, Rosemary Calhoon Takacs, and Kat Culbertson. Hear their sage advice in the session recording.

Thursday continued operationalizing the partnership through drop-in office hours with Carrie Golden (Rotary Liaison), Ted Adams (Peace Corps Liaison) and Steve Werner (Past PFP President. Resources were also shared to give ideas and guidance on organizing partnership projects. 

Learn more about the projects you heard about in Wednesday's webinar:

Looking for more inspiration? Peruse our folder of project summaries for ideas.
Did you know there is formal guidance for partnership projects? Take a look at the official partnership guidance document.

The week concluded on Friday with three sessions. First, Peace Corps recruiters shared with Rotary members how they can continue their legacy of service through Peace Corps (recording here). Then, a group of Rotary Peace Fellow Alumni gave tips for RPCVs looking to deepen their impact through the Rotary Peace Fellow program (recording here). Finally, folks came together for a cultural happy hour with closing remarks from Kim Dixon (PFP President) and Erica Brouilette (Event Chair) and small group discussions around the partnership. 

Thank you to everyone who participated and look for our final report to come out at the end of October.