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Partnership Examples

  • Carin Paupore posted an article
    It is often the seemingly small ways of partnering that make the biggest difference. see more

    Synergetic Partnership in Georgia

    By Kim Dixon, PFP Vice President

    During my service as a PCV in Georgia, I searched out the local Rotary clubs to see how they might support my site’s projects. It took about six months to research which clubs were open to working in my community, due to language and their priorities, I found a club willing to help with translations of the medical pamphlets that we were distributing. The club then offered to pay for printing, an expense that is often difficult to cover for a small community. Additionally, when I completed my service they took over the distribution of the pamphlets! On the flip side, when the club was organizing a health fair, they reached out to the Georgia Peace Corps office to find PCVs to help. The two organizations are now consistently working well together and understand each other’s value and availability.


    Another example of the synergy between Rotary and Peace Corps was after returning to the US. I was connected to a new PCV leaving for his new site in Georgia. I was delighted to share my recent experience collaborating with Rotary and suggested that he connect to a Rotary club in the US before he left. I shared with him the Club Locator and he found several clubs near him. At first, he was hesitant because the clubs met during lunchtime and he worked during lunch. He also lacked transportation to get to the meetings. His interest was piqued, though, and he decided to pursue collaboration. He walked into a club meeting as a guest, talked with the members, and they said they would be happy to support him as he enters into his big endeavor! He was able to head off to his PC service with a supportive connection to draw on back in the US. I was excited that he took the initiative after being so cautious at the beginning and wish that I had had that back-up support when I was serving - both mentally as well as for a potential partnership.